Don't fall for 'fakes'
All Hikitag codes are generated via a proprietary system which instantly recognizes if they are valid or not. Each ID can only be linked to one branded product, itself matched to a randomized Authentication Code which can only be accessed from the owner's Hikitag account.

Here are two red flags when buying a new branded item online from an unauthorized reseller:
  • Attempting to register a made-up ID number will trigger an Invalid Field error message, indicating a fake with 100% certainty.
  • In the event the system reported an ID number as Already Registered, then a valid ID number may have been illegally copied by counterfeiters. 

Ideally you should ask for the ID number BEFORE purchase so you can check it. If you've already paid, make sure to get your money back !

Report Counterfeit to a member of the Hikitag team. 
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